Is it wrong to sleep around if I am HIV positive and don’t tell them?

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I am 22/female from Georgia. Lets call me Cindy.  I had a wild few teenage years and was pretty much out of control and my parents have wrote me off. I have no real friends or family to have my back anymore.

I am a fairly attractive girl and use my looks to take care of myself…I don’t have a real job because I am an active addict and can’t seem to hold my shit together long enough to make anything happen. I usually just start talking to guys on Facebook and milk them for as much as I can…Sometimes its just getting out for a while and a place to crash..Other times its just trading sexual favors so my kids and myself can eat that day. I usually sleep with 2 – 3 guys a day…well you know, In a 24 hour period…I am not proud of this but it’s letting us get by…

My concern is that I was told that I have HIV back in June of 2015. This didn’t bother me much because I am already a Heroin user and have nearly died over a dozen times…I’ll not be around for the HIV to harm me…I do find myself kinda feeling bad or something about those that I am sleeping with because they have no clue and are taking it to whoever else they might be sleeping with. I don’t feel super bad because they know what they’re doing..they know the risk of fucking me without a condom. Why should me and my kids go hungry when I can do this and get paid today? I just want to know what the general public thinks…If you were homeless with kids and HIV positive, Would you sleep with men for cash regardless of the HIV status or what would you do?  Please don’t be mean. I am only trying to find some peace in my actions.  Is it wrong to sleep around if you’re HIV positive?  Thank you! <3

 Is it wrong to sleep around if you're HIV positive
Is it wrong to sleep around if you’re HIV positive